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Entry #5

Christmas Cheer!

2011-12-23 13:05:32 by BananasFoster

...After mentioning in a post that I had never been banned and was tender-hearted about that fact, kind user Banta banned me.

It felt like an early Christmas present. Thank you, Banta, and Merry Christmas to you, too!

Christmas Cheer!


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2011-12-24 02:16:48

I'm banned for three days as a Christmas present from Coop. Nice to know I'm not all alone in this cold bunker :)


2011-12-25 01:46:17

Congrats! lol


2011-12-29 21:17:53

One time Poozy gave me an early half-birthday present and banned me for a week. Then he went on to gloat about how 14+ of my threads were deleted. THEN he sent me a witty PM asserting his power over me. I apologized and made an ice cream sandwich with bananas


2011-12-29 21:27:42

lmao! Being banned is like taking your first drink. your a bad ass now!


2011-12-31 02:30:44

Sadly I've never been banned on request. I remember around '07 or '08 asking for a year long ban and no mod would do it. Banta must have thought you were extra nice :3