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Fucking yes, your stuff always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

This is ingenious. I feel like I'm brought back into the Newgrounds time vault whenever I watch your stuff. Thank you so much for making the content you make, man. Newgrounds could use more of it, really.

I thought this was great. I'm pretty disappointed that a lot of people rating this don't understand satire, but ahh... what can you do.

The sound effects were clear and subtle, the animation was good (you made this fast, so I'm not expecting some outstanding visual beast), everything looks clean and sharp. I'm glad you chose a simplistic style because the real place of focus seemed to be his facial expressions and hand gestures, both of which you drew the viewer's eyes toward. The music went great and really captured the political ad feel.

I think you did a great job and made a short, interesting, humorous and to-the-point political ad-satire. If anything about this video would make me not want to vote for Romney, it would be seeing how clueless some of his supporters viewing this video seem to be when they comment. People need to chill out a bit.

You never cease to impress me!

I disagree wholeheartedly with the reviewer below me (MexiKiwi7). I can see where with any of your videos, the particular humor in one may not work for everyone viewing it, but I think that goes to show that you're good about switching things up so that you aren't always making essentially the same animation each time.

What I liked:

- First and foremost, your lyrics are sort of beautiful in a sense (that may seem silly to say, given the content). I love how poetic it is, and how it can be humorous one moment but tender the next. I particularly like Hernando and Fernando's lines, just because of how those lines are delivered so eloquently, but really I love it all because you have truly given all of your characters their own distinct personalities.

- I shouldn't even need to say this, but your art and animation continue to impress me. It's all smooth, doesn't look tweened, is simple yet detailed. There's nothing not to like, here.

- I liked Space Duck when you first put it out on Newgrounds, and got a little worried when I saw you wrote that you remixed it for this animation. Sometimes that can be disastrous, and seem sort of redundant, but you completely changed that song in way that I actually like it better now. I'm impressed. Your song and lyrics are very catchy, so I think you made the right choice.

- Your concepts are always so out there and simplistic, which is really the beauty of them. Just having this gang of people rocking their asses back and forth while discussing smuggling drugs in a monkey is so weird but perfect for your target audience. I think everyone appreciates these short loops. I loved the personalities you've made for your characters, such as how they all have their own unique dances that you have them sort of do in each animation you make. It's always funny to notice little things like that, and I think it helps people endear your characters.


I always feel like these have such interesting beginnings that they could be elaborated upon and made longer, but that doesn't mean that what you have isn't good or really needs improving. I just think you should keep doing things how you've been doing them. Also, do you work on your animation projects simultaneously? I know you released another one recently... and I am wondering if you are just really fast at pumping these things out individually, or if you work on them all at the same time?

Anyway, overall I feel you did fantastic once again. This didn't feel like a recycle of old material or redundant at all, which I think some people may expect. This felt like you truly put time into it just like all of your other work. Great job, once again!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks bananasfoster!

i would prefer to not overlap projects but i always seem to end up doing that. right now ive got 3 unfinished films that i need to get done over the next few months.

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Very neat

What I enjoyed:

-The beginning comic book-style animation was very nice, well-paced, and a great intro to this game

-The music was very nice and not annoying (I enjoyed Banjo Kazooie as a wee one)

-I was wondering if it would get more challenging via more obstacles (like rocks, bigger gaps to jump, etc) and didn't anticipate it would get so much faster, but I really enjoyed this as I love to challenge my hand-eye coordination. Definitely quite a challenge the further you get!

-Beautifully drawn background, effects, etc. Easy on the eyes and enjoyable.

Things that could improve:

- Does become a little bit repetitive, but as it picks up pace, it does get more difficult. It would be cool if there were stages and each one presented different obstacles.

- When it does begin getting super-fast as the guy loses weight, it can become extremely difficult to see anything and can make the viewer dizzy - not completely bad though, as it does add some challenge to it.

Overall I like this concept and I think you did a great job. It'd be cool to see more like this, or other variations!

Very good!

Awesome game! It played very well and was overall very put together. I loved the different weapons you could buy to beat the shit out of that poor turtle! The art is very good and a lot of time was clearly put into this. I hope you make more stuff in the future!

Fantastic job!

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This is simply wonderful. I've loved your stuff for years now, and always download and listen to it. It's very inspiring and perfect to zone out to.

I'm not sure why you're not more noticed on Newgrounds, because all of your compositions are fantastic, old and new. There is so much depth and emotion in your work, and within each portion it is obvious that you are putting so much time and energy into it.

For some reason, your work reminds me a lot of Fleet Foxes (their song "Blue Ridge Mountains" comes to mind when I heard this song). If you haven't heard them before, you should check them out.

Keep doing what you're doing, because you seriously have so much talent. The fact that I can check on what you're doing years later and be even more impressed than I already was before, speaks volumes.

Kingbastard responds:

Thank you;)
I do know of Fleet Foxes, more of a fan of their early stuff than Helplessness Blues, but I do like their vocal harmonies, I've always been a sucker for that;)

Definitely captured the Spyro feel.

I'm giving this a nine out of ten, because it sounds like it could have easily come from the video game, which is impressive to me.

What I liked:

- I love the transitions from one section of the song to another (forgive me, I have no knowledge of musical terminology!). Your transitions seem seamless and they all melt together to form one nice composition.

- The feeling of your song is mysterious but mischievous, which, given that you tried to emulate level music from Spyro, I think you captured this mood very well. It's been so long since I've played those games, but someone could have shown this to me and told me it was from the game's soundtrack, and I would have believed that it actually had been. The atmospheric effects you added (the very faint sounds of birds, or insects) really pull this together and make it even more believable.. This sounds sort of like one of the nighttime levels from the game.

- Your tempo and beat stay consistent -- in fact, I kind of like how once the song starts over again, it seems like it's a loop, so it doesn't annoy me to hear it keep going. This also makes it seem more like video game music.

- I loved your instrument choices and how you made them come and go amongst each other. It all sounds great together, really.


- As far as this goes as a stand-alone, I enjoy it. If I had any musical suggestions in general, it'd be that you try making longer tracks and experiment with intros and 'outros' (I know I just made up a word, there!) more and try to capture a variety of different moods. These aren't really improvements per se, just suggestions for what would be great to hear from you in the future, potentially!

Overall you've really impressed me. Often when I read someone who has never submitted anything before say that they are coming out with something (and they display even minor amounts of confidence), I am very skeptical, moreso with Flash animations than anything else. Still, I think you did a great job, and I can see animators potentially using your audio, which would be very cool for you (hey, perhaps if you make animations, you may use your own audio! Very convenient!). Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more stuff from you!

Emma responds:

Wow, I really appreciate the well thought-out response!!

I do have some trouble making outros (which is a real word by the way haha), I seem to be heavily dependent on strong intros. This inevitably leads me into making either very long ambient pieces, or loops like this. I need some practice making a successful outro for a longer song I believe. But, thank you for the complements!

- Emma

I love this!

I can't believe you made this with that sample - you put it to good use!

I haven't heard a lot of dubstep on Newgrounds that I enjoy, but this is very easy to listen to, changes up often enough to stay interesting and not repetitive, and has a wonderful beat to it. The samples you used threw me off when I first listened to it - they didn't seem to belong. The more I listen to this though, the more I can't imagine the song without them. It's definitely not the typical, crappy dubstep that a lot of people in the audio portal seem to enjoy making, too. It stands out from that crowd.

I love the energy of this song, and think you should make more like it and experiment with this idea. Keep up the great work!

TIMarbury responds:

thanks man :)

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Eyes.. being raped!

But in a good way!

I love:

- The colors! First and foremost! I like the variations of red, the horribly bright neon pink, and the yellows and blues, too. They all mesh really well together.

- I love the concept - the person in the roller coaster cart so excited with anticipation, he or she may be pissing themselves. You captured this very well.

- Your style is great, and I feel like (especially after viewing your other work) I could pick you out of a crowded page.

Overall great job, I really love this sort of stuff.

I really like this

I love your colors and the perspective, and how the background is blurred slightly. Your shading and highlights are very good. I like your choice in colors for this; slightly muted and not exuberant or outrageous. It's almost kind of realistic.

You should make more of these - just digital drawings of objects from different perspectives. You have a lot of potential for making some cool stuff.

Holy crap..

...you did this in one hour?

This looks amazing - like the reviewer before me mentioned, it's so atmospheric and lush. I feel like I could jump into this digital painting and instantly feel immersed in some strange, jungle environment with mist, eerie sounds, and light breaking through the vegetation.

I love how your two most prevalent colors are greens and pale golds; the variations of green make everything seem so mysterious and untouched. The pale golds and lighter areas make it seem like a sacred place. You would be very good at illustrating scenes or levels for a video game, for instance.

I love this. I hope you create other environmental wonders like this. Overall a fantastic job!

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