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This is simply wonderful. I've loved your stuff for years now, and always download and listen to it. It's very inspiring and perfect to zone out to.

I'm not sure why you're not more noticed on Newgrounds, because all of your compositions are fantastic, old and new. There is so much depth and emotion in your work, and within each portion it is obvious that you are putting so much time and energy into it.

For some reason, your work reminds me a lot of Fleet Foxes (their song "Blue Ridge Mountains" comes to mind when I heard this song). If you haven't heard them before, you should check them out.

Keep doing what you're doing, because you seriously have so much talent. The fact that I can check on what you're doing years later and be even more impressed than I already was before, speaks volumes.

Kingbastard responds:

Thank you;)
I do know of Fleet Foxes, more of a fan of their early stuff than Helplessness Blues, but I do like their vocal harmonies, I've always been a sucker for that;)

Definitely captured the Spyro feel.

I'm giving this a nine out of ten, because it sounds like it could have easily come from the video game, which is impressive to me.

What I liked:

- I love the transitions from one section of the song to another (forgive me, I have no knowledge of musical terminology!). Your transitions seem seamless and they all melt together to form one nice composition.

- The feeling of your song is mysterious but mischievous, which, given that you tried to emulate level music from Spyro, I think you captured this mood very well. It's been so long since I've played those games, but someone could have shown this to me and told me it was from the game's soundtrack, and I would have believed that it actually had been. The atmospheric effects you added (the very faint sounds of birds, or insects) really pull this together and make it even more believable.. This sounds sort of like one of the nighttime levels from the game.

- Your tempo and beat stay consistent -- in fact, I kind of like how once the song starts over again, it seems like it's a loop, so it doesn't annoy me to hear it keep going. This also makes it seem more like video game music.

- I loved your instrument choices and how you made them come and go amongst each other. It all sounds great together, really.


- As far as this goes as a stand-alone, I enjoy it. If I had any musical suggestions in general, it'd be that you try making longer tracks and experiment with intros and 'outros' (I know I just made up a word, there!) more and try to capture a variety of different moods. These aren't really improvements per se, just suggestions for what would be great to hear from you in the future, potentially!

Overall you've really impressed me. Often when I read someone who has never submitted anything before say that they are coming out with something (and they display even minor amounts of confidence), I am very skeptical, moreso with Flash animations than anything else. Still, I think you did a great job, and I can see animators potentially using your audio, which would be very cool for you (hey, perhaps if you make animations, you may use your own audio! Very convenient!). Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more stuff from you!

Emma responds:

Wow, I really appreciate the well thought-out response!!

I do have some trouble making outros (which is a real word by the way haha), I seem to be heavily dependent on strong intros. This inevitably leads me into making either very long ambient pieces, or loops like this. I need some practice making a successful outro for a longer song I believe. But, thank you for the complements!

- Emma

I love this!

I can't believe you made this with that sample - you put it to good use!

I haven't heard a lot of dubstep on Newgrounds that I enjoy, but this is very easy to listen to, changes up often enough to stay interesting and not repetitive, and has a wonderful beat to it. The samples you used threw me off when I first listened to it - they didn't seem to belong. The more I listen to this though, the more I can't imagine the song without them. It's definitely not the typical, crappy dubstep that a lot of people in the audio portal seem to enjoy making, too. It stands out from that crowd.

I love the energy of this song, and think you should make more like it and experiment with this idea. Keep up the great work!

TIMarbury responds:

thanks man :)

Interesting take!

I haven't actually ever heard serious attempts to remix the Epic Sax Guy, but this takes the cake. In fact, when I first heard this in a recent Flash submission, I didn't think it was something in Ng's audio portal (not an insult to people in the audio portal -- there is INCREDIBLE talent there, but so much crap to sift through to find the real talent, sometimes!).

Anyway, I loved this. It wasn't really repetitive, it sounded crisp, your dubstep styling of it worked very well for it and overall it was appealing to the ears. Please make more stuff! You are very talented!

TIMarbury responds:

thanks a lot. i have more of my recent stuff on soundcloud if you want to check it out!.

I don't ususally write audio reviews...

It's artists like you on the audio portal that Newgrounds really needs.

Not long after this first came out, I recall downloading it and listening to it a lot. It's a well-made track. Here's what I love about it:

- It has a great rhythm and beat -- sounds professionally made, which, I can't say the same for a lot on this site. Everything seems to fit perfectly.

-The lyrics are well-written and fits each section of the song well (forgive me as I do not know much in the way of music terminology!).

-Your voice, it's amazing. Your annunciation is so crisp and perfect, specifically certain parts of the song that seem to call for this. Your voice sounds very smooth in other parts.

I could add more, but I'd be beating a dead horse. You should continue making music; I think you are really gifted with hip hop. Thanks for contributing your awesome music to Newgrounds!

BigRed responds:

Thanks man, the kind words mean a lot!

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