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Fucking yes, your stuff always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

This is ingenious. I feel like I'm brought back into the Newgrounds time vault whenever I watch your stuff. Thank you so much for making the content you make, man. Newgrounds could use more of it, really.

I thought this was great. I'm pretty disappointed that a lot of people rating this don't understand satire, but ahh... what can you do.

The sound effects were clear and subtle, the animation was good (you made this fast, so I'm not expecting some outstanding visual beast), everything looks clean and sharp. I'm glad you chose a simplistic style because the real place of focus seemed to be his facial expressions and hand gestures, both of which you drew the viewer's eyes toward. The music went great and really captured the political ad feel.

I think you did a great job and made a short, interesting, humorous and to-the-point political ad-satire. If anything about this video would make me not want to vote for Romney, it would be seeing how clueless some of his supporters viewing this video seem to be when they comment. People need to chill out a bit.

You never cease to impress me!

I disagree wholeheartedly with the reviewer below me (MexiKiwi7). I can see where with any of your videos, the particular humor in one may not work for everyone viewing it, but I think that goes to show that you're good about switching things up so that you aren't always making essentially the same animation each time.

What I liked:

- First and foremost, your lyrics are sort of beautiful in a sense (that may seem silly to say, given the content). I love how poetic it is, and how it can be humorous one moment but tender the next. I particularly like Hernando and Fernando's lines, just because of how those lines are delivered so eloquently, but really I love it all because you have truly given all of your characters their own distinct personalities.

- I shouldn't even need to say this, but your art and animation continue to impress me. It's all smooth, doesn't look tweened, is simple yet detailed. There's nothing not to like, here.

- I liked Space Duck when you first put it out on Newgrounds, and got a little worried when I saw you wrote that you remixed it for this animation. Sometimes that can be disastrous, and seem sort of redundant, but you completely changed that song in way that I actually like it better now. I'm impressed. Your song and lyrics are very catchy, so I think you made the right choice.

- Your concepts are always so out there and simplistic, which is really the beauty of them. Just having this gang of people rocking their asses back and forth while discussing smuggling drugs in a monkey is so weird but perfect for your target audience. I think everyone appreciates these short loops. I loved the personalities you've made for your characters, such as how they all have their own unique dances that you have them sort of do in each animation you make. It's always funny to notice little things like that, and I think it helps people endear your characters.


I always feel like these have such interesting beginnings that they could be elaborated upon and made longer, but that doesn't mean that what you have isn't good or really needs improving. I just think you should keep doing things how you've been doing them. Also, do you work on your animation projects simultaneously? I know you released another one recently... and I am wondering if you are just really fast at pumping these things out individually, or if you work on them all at the same time?

Anyway, overall I feel you did fantastic once again. This didn't feel like a recycle of old material or redundant at all, which I think some people may expect. This felt like you truly put time into it just like all of your other work. Great job, once again!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks bananasfoster!

i would prefer to not overlap projects but i always seem to end up doing that. right now ive got 3 unfinished films that i need to get done over the next few months.

Pleasantly surprised!

I've seen very few really really good Skyrim animations, and so, so many bad ones, so admittedly was a little unsure about this when I clicked on it. This was actually really good, though!

What I enjoyed:

- Your art and design was very pleasing to look at. It all matched and was consistent, and I loved the 'earthy' feel to everything. Your characters looked interesting, too, and weren't completely generic or 'blah'. The characters reminded me somewhat of Adventure Time, but not enough that I'd think you ripped it off or anything (you may not have done that intentionally, and honestly, it's so hard nowadays to avoid something looking like something else). I enjoyed the brown outlines for characters and such, too (goes with part of the 'earthy' feel).

- I noticed you used the rule of thirds. Whether you did this intentionally or not, it made for really interesting scenes and placement of everything in this animation.

- Your animation - smooth as a baby's behind. I didn't notice any lagging or anything that would lead me to believe that you aren't a 'weathered' animator. I loved how everything flowed and how your portrayed things happening with your animation (the dragon flying by, the arrows going into the chicken, then into the guy). You have good placement/movement skills.

- Audio - your sound was really good. I loved the music you used, and the voices were really great. It all sounded top-notch. Nothing was distracting, everything was crisp and clear, and perfectly timed.

- Humor - This is probably one of the funnier Skyrim renditions I've seen, like, top two. I liked how you didn't use just dry humor to try to entertain your audience, but you used your art style, the voices, and very simple and mundane references to make a much more uniquely humorous animation, and I really enjoyed that.


I really can't think of anything or than things you could vary up, like length of animation, using interactivity at some points, etc. These aren't even things that are wrong with your animation, though, so I wouldn't even call consider these improvements you could make.


You did a fantastic job; everything about this was appealing, even to myself who has admittedly never played Skyrim but knows enough about it to see that you have probably pleased other Skyrim fans and non-fans alike. Your humor, artistic style, music, sound effects, voice-overs, and animation were all of great quality, and I hope you continue to submit more here to Newgrounds! Great job!

You're getting there..

I agree with KindDavid about some stuff, but I'll just include it in my review.

Good points:

- Your story wasn't bad, and I think you pulled it off well. The progression was swift and flowed well; I didn't get bored and annoyed like I do with some other animations.

- I liked your music choices for this, and I think I just favorited both of those songs. Thanks for utilizing the audio portal! Definitely helps the music artist get exposure, too!

- I really enjoyed your voices; they were believable for who they were portraying, they were crisp and clear, not annoying by any means, and I can tell whoever helped you with supplying the voices was very comfortable with you (which is always helpful!)

- I liked how you did your subtitles - easy to read on that black bar, and it seemed like you spelled everything correctly and had good grammar (a lot of people forgo both of these things, so it's refreshing to see someone not making a ton of spelling errors).


-Like KindDavid said, your character design could use some work. It's definitely not terrible or anything, but more could have been added to make them less 'generic'.

-Your animating is pretty choppy in most places - not terribly choppy -but still very noticeable. I'm sure you'll improve with each animation you make though, so I'm not too bothered by this. Your concept also didn't call for too extensive animation (no action scenes and whatnot), so that kind of helped you get around that.

- The lip syncing was pretty awkward at times, but still much better than other stuff I see. I would use more inbetweens in your lip syncing and just get more practice in general. I'm sure you'll get much better with this over time, too!


I enjoyed your concept, and you did very good for your time constraints, hence why I am giving you an 8. Your voice actors were good choices; perhaps you will use them again in more animations. Your art shows promise, as does your animation, and I'm sure you'll get better at these things with more practice. I hope you make more, because you show a lot of potential!

neeko responds:

Thanks for the words of encouragement. Trust me when I re watched it for the millionth time during making it I wanted fix a bunch of things but time was pretty short.

The funny thing about the lip sync is I was using a book that had a " how to section". Then as I was working saw it was missing specific letters. You can imagine how fun that was.

Not bad!

Wow, for your first flash animation, you show a lot of promise! Originally I was going to rate this a 7, but decided on an 8 simply because I am more impressed that this is your first one, and I'm sure you'll be making higher-than-8 work if you continue making animations!

Here are things I liked about this:

- Your artwork and use of color was appealing to see. Your style is rough and rugged, which I love, and I am glad you stayed consistent with that. I loved the gray tones, and how the character became colorful once he drank the raspberry soda (I noticed the label on the soda was the only other thing that contained color).

-Your concept was really neat, even though it was short and simple (I do enjoy short and simple). The idea that this raspberry drink can bring color to the world of the drinker is pretty cool, definitely a concept you could run with if you extended it for any reason.

- I actually enjoyed that you dedicated the full frame for subtitles, and didn't just throw them under the characters in the scenes and muddle the artwork. Plus, giving the subtitles their own presence kind of makes them stand out more in addition to being easier to read. I always dislike it when someone just throws words around among the artwork in their animations in shorts like these, unless there is a real reason to. So I commend you for that.

-Your animating skills are pretty good for a beginner, and I didn't see any major flaws. I think you'll absolutely improve over time!

Improvements for your future animations:

- Sound - whether sound effects or some related/relevant music, the silence is okay but I feel like some music or at the very least, sound effects like fizzing when the bottle is opened, could help your animation. I am very glad you didn't use voice overs for the people, though - the subtitles were great for this!

- I noticed the box around the raspberry when it floated at the end. This isn't a huge issue at all, but erasing it in the future will allow it not to be noticed and bring even more quality to your animations!

Overall, I think you made a very promising first animation - your artwork, animating skills, and ideas are unique and could easily be refined over time and really impress people. I think you should start out making more shorts like these, but experiment with different ideas, implement sounds, and fine-tune your lovely drawing style. I hope to see more here from you. Good luck!!


I have to agree with the reviewer below me (dabproductions) about the possibility of making the scene seem 'hotter', but let me give you an actual review!

Here is what I enjoyed:

- VERY much so like your use of color. They were bright and captivating, and I especially liked how you added a slight sun-burnt tinge to the man's face. I enjoyed your use of shading as well.

-The sound was just fine for me, and didn't sound tinny. If you were to make improvements in the future, I would perhaps change the 'distance' of the voices used; for instance, he sounded exactly the same when he was far away as he did when he was up-close. Just a suggestion though, and not anything I'd subtract from the overall score! Your sound effects were nice, too.

- I enjoyed your artistic style; the man looked believable for his situation, everything matched well and you showed a distinct style. I also really loved how you included his footprints in the desert sand. Not a lot of people on Newgrounds really go through that extra effort, and it was refreshing to see such a minor (albeit appreciated) detail.

- Your animation was well-done. I really liked your close-ups, particularly after the man discovers the well and you've zoomed in on him saying 'water' -- that was perfect.

-I loved your concept! Shorts like these are nice and really easy for me to watch. The idea of having this man looking for cool, refreshing water, and getting a mouthful of salty, water-deprived pretzels was really clever of you. I like how sudden you delivered your ending, too. Not drawn out, just plain and simple. Great execution.

-I love your comments on the reviews -- nothing to do with your animation, but extremely humoring to read through!


Well, besides the sound thing I brought up (which is just for improvement and isn't really what I'd consider an 'issue'), I'd say just sharpen up on your in-betweens to make your animation smoother (it is already pretty smoooooth!), and continue developing your skills! You show a lot of promise and are already miles ahead of so many other Flashers on Newgrounds. I hope you make other shorts like these in the future, because you are good at them. I'm absolutely sure your skills will only get better and better, too. Keep at it!


You are a wonderful animator!

Here is everything I liked:

- The visuals - You did such a fantastic job on this; everything is fluid and the colors are rich and warm. You created a great 'feel' for everything. I especially liked your atmospheric effects, such as the clouds as they whipped by the bird and kite as they flew. You are really good at creating a 'magical' environment, and immersing the viewers into a world.

- The audio - I like your use of sound in this; minimal sound other than a select few sound effects where needed. Music during this whole animation would have ruined it a little, in my opinion. I feel this way because with what you had, it felt like I was there, too. Music would have made me feel more like I was viewing something, rather than 'experiencing' it. That's what you did; you created an experience for the viewers.

-The animation - Very fluid and life-like. It never lagged or seemed fake or bad at any point. You definitely have a very distinct style which I enjoy. The way the girl, the bird, and the kite all sort of danced around in their own little movements, it all worked together. The clouds, too; I really enjoyed how you made the clouds sort of 'interact' with everything, too.

Overall, this animation as a whole was really amazing. You are truly very good at this, and I look forward to seeing more from you. I can't think of any negative feedback to add to this review, because everything thoroughly impressed me.

Not horrible for your first submission..

..but it could have a lot of improvement!

First and foremost, though; in your author comments, don't put "It's not that great..." or else you're going to have your viewers judging your video before they have even seen it! Even if that's what you truly believe, and probably the truth, you're bagging you're own video before others can judge it for themselves. Try instead saying what you spent a lot of time on; "I made this, and though I am new at this, I spent a lot of time on the coloring and the lip syncing." or something, ANYTHING to help boost peoples' opinions. If you bash your own video while they wait for it to load, how much of a chance are they going to give it?

I gave you a three because it seems you did try, but I feel you can do a lot better. If you continue to practice I'm certain you can make really good animations. I would watch tutorials on Newgrounds, as they are very informative, helpful, and easy-to-follow if you are a beginner. I would span out and try something more complex next time, like perhaps, adding other characters, a storyline, and some dialogue (not necessarily even voice overs; subtitles can be good, too!). Comic book-style animation is also pretty neat, and not overly-difficult if it's something that interests you.

Overall, I think you made a very small loop that gives the viewer an idea that you are at least toying with Flash and figuring out how to animate, but I think if you practice practice practice, you could have potential to make much better stuff. Believe in yourself. You do seem to know how to draw, but the more you practice, the more refined your style will become, and people will begin to notice your work more.

Good luck, and I hope you continue making new stuff and sharpening your skills!

davidsevenfold responds:

actually, my first submission got shot down, this is my second, im glad that its still up, and thanks :)

Ehhh, I love all your stuff!

You are wonderfully creative.

Here is what I enjoy:

- Your voices; they are always crisp and clear, and they match your characters well. Often when I watch animations on Newgrounds, it is alarmingly obvious that amateur voice actors were used. Your animations always have very pleasant-to-the-ears voice actors, which is very refreshing. I never fear about what I am about to hear (at least not in a bad way!).

-You are so great with colors and character designs. Everything is pretty to the eyes, especially with these Pleasure Island episodes. Your characters definitely took you some thought, too, which is nice. They don't seem run of the mill at all.

-You are good at animating; everything is smooth and well-done, not laggy, and you seem to tween very much (at least if you do, it is difficult to tell). Your animations are smooth and flow together well, and you pull off effects nicely, too.

-Your music and sound effect choices are great (I really liked the gunshot sound when the guy jumped out of the fenced in area towards the 'Walrus Pit.') I like how you had particular music fade in and out depending on the scene, too - helps the mood.

-Your ideas are really nice. I just love the feel of your animations, and how I feel like I might have an uncomfortable rash somewhere on my body after witnessing what I've just seen (that's a compliment, by the way).

Overall, great job! Keep pumping out more stuff!

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