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Eyes.. being raped!

But in a good way!

I love:

- The colors! First and foremost! I like the variations of red, the horribly bright neon pink, and the yellows and blues, too. They all mesh really well together.

- I love the concept - the person in the roller coaster cart so excited with anticipation, he or she may be pissing themselves. You captured this very well.

- Your style is great, and I feel like (especially after viewing your other work) I could pick you out of a crowded page.

Overall great job, I really love this sort of stuff.

I really like this

I love your colors and the perspective, and how the background is blurred slightly. Your shading and highlights are very good. I like your choice in colors for this; slightly muted and not exuberant or outrageous. It's almost kind of realistic.

You should make more of these - just digital drawings of objects from different perspectives. You have a lot of potential for making some cool stuff.

Holy crap..

...you did this in one hour?

This looks amazing - like the reviewer before me mentioned, it's so atmospheric and lush. I feel like I could jump into this digital painting and instantly feel immersed in some strange, jungle environment with mist, eerie sounds, and light breaking through the vegetation.

I love how your two most prevalent colors are greens and pale golds; the variations of green make everything seem so mysterious and untouched. The pale golds and lighter areas make it seem like a sacred place. You would be very good at illustrating scenes or levels for a video game, for instance.

I love this. I hope you create other environmental wonders like this. Overall a fantastic job!

Very nice use of color!

I love how you meshed the abundance of grays and purples, and added in some crisp, bright orange/mustard yellow and deep red; overall all of the colors compliment each other.

I love how you drew the two people. Their expressions are great and their clothing creative and relevant to the "Halloween vibe."

I like the shading you did on their clothing, but felt that their faces could use a little more in some spots, however, that isn't all that important or necessary, just my own little nit-picking!

Overall you did a great job and really captured the mood of this Halloween piece. You truly have great illustration skills, and I feel you'd be pretty awesome at comic books or something. Anyway, keep up the good work!

JustinianKnight responds:

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like the coloring, I think it's one of my weaker points artistically.

Really awesome!

You did beautifully on this---

I love the colors and the brush strokes, and how you "melted" everything together. I also enjoy your placement of color in some areas, but not in others. There is a lot of white space but I think it makes your beautifully rich colors pop out even more.

Fantastic job!

Jaona responds:

Thanks you so much for the nice review! :)

When I saw this..

...I had to write a review!

Seriously, you need to do something about this. You are far too talented not to show off your incredible work. As a slave to making art myself, growing up I almost resented when people would tell me I needed to go into an artistic career or that I was "going to be an artist when I grow up." Yet here I am telling you this.

Anyhow, for an actual review, I will list things I like and don't like.

I like:

-The detail! Holy crap! The sheer amount of detail in your colors, the textures, and the composition is brilliant, and clearly took a lot of work.

-The colors are wonderful, dramatic, and capture the mood well.

-I have seen fire in real life, but have not seen lava, although you portrayed both of these with what I would call pretty close accuracy -- not the easiest for some.

-The mood is great; I think everyone who looks at this can see more than a character on a white background, or an image with no story or emotion behind it. You did this well.

-There is a lot to look at! It's very interesting to the eyes, and I really appreciate the brilliance of it.

I don't like:

-How there are not more of these from you! You must make more..

..but seriously, you are very talented. Don't let this go to waste! That doesn't mean you need a career in art or anything, but just don't stop doing this because clearly you attract a lot of positive reactions from people for it -- you are captivating! Great job!

That cat sure is flexible!

Dang, I can see where this took 6 hours. Despite what you call your own shortcomings, this is great and you should be proud (duh!).

Your style is very neat and clean, and I really enjoy its content. If there was one thing about it that seemed off in the very least, it's that the girl doesn't completely mesh with the background, but the background is also blurred, so meh, who knows. It's still effing awesome, and you did a great job!

Very Nice

This is a fantastic entry for Robot Day. It's creative and clearly had a lot of thought put into it. As others have mentioned, the colors are great (and indeed you are a clever individual for using the site's theme colors!). You are a talented person. Very nice job on this.

Great capture of mood!

I agree with the first reviewer about the proportions and such. Particularly the legs caught my eyes; it seems like the leg that is propped up should be little larger and more prominent than the other leg.

Other than those items, this is a good composition. You have very nice shading, and I really like how you did her hair's shading in particular (it looks very realistic). One thing I must commend you on is that it seems you've got one light source, which many people have an issue with. The shadows appear in the right spots. Good job and good luck with your future work!

Taacoon responds:

Thanks. Yeah for some reason hair is one of my specialties. I have no idea why it developed that way, but whatever haha.

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